Top 10 Electrical Vehicle Systems and Maintance

Today's electric vehicles are routinely 7500 or 10,000 km maintenance, divided into A and B maintenance, A and B alternately do. The cost is slightly cheaper than the traditional car, the price depends on the brand, there is not much oil and green core replacement, only spend some time, let's talk about the items that need to be checked during maintenance.

First, the battery power system:

1. Security protection

2. Insulation inspection

3. Connector status

4. Bolt tightening torque

5. Power battery heating function check

6. External cleaning inspection

7. Data collection

Second, the motor system:

1. Security protection

2. Insulation inspection

3. Motor and controller cooling check

4. External cleaning inspection

Third, electrical control system:

1. Protection and fixing of the mortgage wire harness in the engine room and various parts

2. The status of the chassis and various parts of the connector

3. High-voltage harness protection and fixing of engine room and chassis

4. The high and low voltage electrical appliances of the engine room and the chassis are fixed and connected, and cleaned.

5. Battery status

6. Inspection of lights and signals

7. Checking the charging port and high voltage line

8. Inspection of high voltage insulation monitoring system

9. Fault diagnosis system alarm monitoring

Fourth, the brake system:

Parking brake check

2. Brake device leakage inspection

3. Brake fluid level check

4. Brake vacuum pump, controller check

5. Brake disc inspection

V. Steering system:

1. Steering wheel and steering column link fastening status

2. Steering machine body connection fastening state

3. Steering rod and dust jacket inspection

4. Check the steering assist function

Sixth, the body system:

1. Windshield and wiper inspection

2. Skylight

3. Seat and slide inspection

4. Door locks and hinges

5. Cabin hinges and locks

6. Trunk hinge and lock

7. Transmission and suspension system:

1. Transmission connection, fastening and leakage inspection

2. Transmission shaft clearance and shield

3. Inspection and fastening of the hub

4. Tire inspection

5. Sub-frame and each suspension connection status

6. Front and rear shock absorber leakage and tightening inspection

Eight, cooling system :

1. Coolant position and freezing point

2. Cooling pipeline leakage inspection

3. Pump inspection

4. Cooling water tank cleaning inspection

Nine, air conditioning inspection:

1. Air conditioning heating and cooling function

2. Compressor and controller inspection

3. Air conditioning pipeline leakage inspection

4. Air conditioning condensate drain check

5. Air conditioning filter replacement

Ten, change the device:

1. Change and wear check of the power limiter

2. Chassis bump check

3. Switching device seal inspection

4. Limit device Run Huan

The above are all items to be checked during maintenance of electric vehicles. Class A maintenance must be done for these items. Class B maintenance is part of the routine, and other conditions are subject to availability.