Top 10 Electric E-Bike Manufacturers

Electric motorcycle top ten brands list 2018


1. New Continent PALLA (021-61050111)

2. Yadi Yadea (400-900-1212)

3. Emma AIMA (400-8828-890)

4. New day (400-888-6999)

5. Luyuan Electric Vehicle (400-8877-505)

6. Immediate LIMA (400-8818-777)

7. Taiwan Bell TAILG ( 400-889-9981 )

8. BYD BYVIN (400-658-3111)

9. Knife electric car (0510-88866966)

10. Wuyang Honda (95105798)

Yadi Yadea (Yadi Technology Group Co., Ltd.) (400-900-1212, Jiangsu famous brand products, green energy electric two-wheeler brand with market influence, domestic large-scale electric vehicle/special vehicle specialization/modern manufacturing enterprise, Yadi Technology Group Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment] [ Outlet 5557] [Online 2] Flagship Store JD Store

Emma AIMA (Aima Technology Group Co., Ltd.) (400-882-8890, started in 1999, the pioneer of intelligent low-carbon travel vehicles, focusing on the manufacture of durable and fashionable cars, Emma Technology Group Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment] [network 1649] [Online shop 3] Flagship store JD store

New day (Jiangsu Xinri Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.) (400-888-6999, founded in 1999, involved in the earlier intelligent electric vehicles, specializing in green vehicles and key parts of the R & D / production and sales of listed companies, Jiangsu new electric cars Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Product 8] [Dot 5418] [Online Shop 10] Flagship Store JD Store JD Self-operated

Luyuan Electric Vehicle (Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.) (400-8877-505, started in 1997, Zhejiang famous brand products, high-tech enterprises focusing on electric personal transportation manufacturing, electric vehicle safety technology innovator, Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Product 9] [Network 2631] [Online 2] Flagship Store JD Store

Immediate LIMA (Lima Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd.) (400-8818-777, a group of high-tech enterprises integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of electric vehicles, large-scale electric vehicle R&D and manufacturing enterprises, Lima Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment] [Product 5] [News 19] [Online shop 3] flagship store JD store

Taiwan Bell TAILG (Shenzhen Shenling Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.) (400-8899-981, a group enterprise integrating research, production, sales and service of new energy vehicles, known as "China's electric vehicle innovation model", Shenzhen Shenling Motor Co., Ltd.)[Brand investment] [Product 7 ] [Network 1269] [News 76] [Online Shop 5] Flagship Store JD Store

BYD BYVIN (Bedwin Holding Group Co., Ltd.) (400-658-3111, a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the development and manufacture of green power vehicles, integrating electric vehicles/electric bicycles/electric tricycles, than Devon Holding Group Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Product 9] [Dots 3] [News 26] [Online shop 4] flagship store JD store JD self-operated

Knife electric car (Knife Technology Co., Ltd.) (022-22401000, focusing on the development of green electric travel means, a professional electric vehicle manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, Knife Electric Technology Co., Ltd.)[Brand investment] [News 25] [Online 8] Flagship Shop JD shop JD self-operated

Wuyang Honda (Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.) (020-83151139, established in 1992, under the Guangzhou Automobile Group, integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales into one domestic large-scale motorcycle manufacturing enterprise, Wuyang-Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Product 6] [Dots 19] [Online Shop 1] JD Store

New Continent PALLA (New Island Holdings Co., Ltd.) (021-61050111, a subsidiary of Sundiro Holdings, the motorcycle industry is involved in electric vehicles earlier, mainly engaged in research and development / design / production / sales of motorcycles / electric vehicles, etc., New Day Holdings Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment] [Dot 1]