Top 10 Electric Car/Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers

Electric Car Battery Brands

Days to (400-8788-188)

Chaowei CHILWEE (400-857-3778)

Haibao SHHB (400-920-3669)

Xingheng (0512-68094266)

Jingqiu KIJO (400-880-9111)

Yaheng YAHENG (400-6638260)

Nandu NARADA (0571-56975900)

Force with LIBAN (0572-6618123)

Guangyu Coslight (0451-86677970)

Huafu HuaFu (0514-85081977

Tianneng (Tianneng Battery Group Co., Ltd.) (400-8778-000, established in 1986, a green energy solution provider, focusing on the manufacture of electric vehicles and environmentally friendly power batteries, and the development, production/sale of new energy sources such as lithium-ion batteries/wind energy/solar energy storage batteries. One, Tianneng Battery Group Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Product 13] [News 47] [Online Shop 9] Flagship Store JD Store JD Self-operated

Chaowei CHILWEE (Super Power Co., Ltd.) (400-857-3778, founded in 1998, is dedicated to the research and development of power and energy storage batteries, providing high-tech enterprises with professional green energy solutions, Chaowei Power Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Product 9] [Dots 7] [Online shop 6] flagship store JD store

Hypertherm SHHB (Jiangsu Haibao Battery Technology Co., Ltd.) (0513-68923111, founded in 1993, formerly known as Shanghai Qiyi Battery Factory, the industry standard participating unit, is committed to the in-depth research and development of electric vehicle power battery, Shanghai Haibao Special Power Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment]

Star Heng (Xingheng Power Co., Ltd.) (0512-68094266, a subsidiary of Legend Holdings, "Iron Lithium-Ion Power Battery" industrialization demonstration project, dedicated to providing new energy vehicles with optimized power supply solutions, Xingheng Power Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment]

Jingqi KIJO (Jiangxi Jingjiu Power Technology Co., Ltd.) (400-880-9111, a comprehensive new energy battery enterprise integrating investment/R&D/production/sales, a well-known brand in the domestic electric vehicle power battery industry, Jiangxi Jingjiu Power Technology Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment]

Yaheng YAHENG (Fujian Yaheng Power Technology Group Co., Ltd.) (400-6638260, founded in 1997, is specialized in the production of lead-acid batteries, the battery manufacturer of electric vehicles in Fujian Province, Fujian Yaheng Power Technology Group Co., Ltd.)[Brand investment] [Network 10 ]

Nandu NARADA (Zhejiang Nandu Power Power Co., Ltd.) (0571-56975900, founded in 1994, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand products, listed company, high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of power storage energy source, Zhejiang Nandu Power Power Co., Ltd.) [Brand Merchants] [Network 12]

LIBAN (Zhejiang Lishang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) (0572-6618123, a large-scale modern high-tech enterprise group dedicated to the research and development of lead-acid batteries/power batteries, well-known electric vehicle battery brand, Zhejiang Lishang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment]

光宇 COSLIGHT (Harbin Coslight Group Co., Ltd.) (0451-86677970, a comprehensive enterprise engaged in valve-controlled sealed lead-acid batteries/lithium ion and lead-zinc mining for communication, a professional manufacturer of fixed valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, Harbin Coslight Storage Battery Co., Ltd.) [Network 4 ]

Huafu HuaFu (Jiangsu Huafu Energy Storage New Technology Co., Ltd.) (0514-85081977, established in 1990, Jiangsu Province famous brand products, listed companies, professional independent research and development / production of colloidal battery high-tech enterprises, Jiangsu Huafu Storage Energy New Technology Co., Ltd.) [Brand investment]